CSR Management Systems

CSR has multiples approaches and understanding and its implementation usually follows an international recognized framework. Therefore, THINK&SELL generally uses as reference the international standard ISO 26000-Social Responsibility Management, although the use of other references is justified after an analysis of alternatives in specific cases.

The implementation of all activities within the scope of CSR can be structured and carried out within a management system covering at least the following aspects:

  • Assignment of Directorate and Council responsibilities (policy and objectives statement)
  • Identification of interested parties’ expectations.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Resources, processes and systems management.
  • Measurement and Analysis
  • Change management and continuous improvement.
  • Impact on interested parties.

At THINK&SELL we advise organizations to face the challenge of incorporating CSR in the overall organization management, defining, developing, implementing and continuously improving a CSR management system to endow the Organization with a structured and consistent tool, high powered and versatile.

The application of CSR needs to consider the effect of the organization activities in three areas of particular concern in our society:

  • Economic area (activity impact on wealth generation or lack of it in the organization).
  • Environmental area (activity impact on environment)
  • Social area (activity impact on people and community).

There are plenty of models, frameworks, reports and articles that often do little to find the specific way that each organization must follow. CSR is carried out and developed as a company program. Some initiatives are added to that program and they rarely involve fundamental design and implementation of a system based on processes and the scope of the entire organization.

One consideration to keep in mind is that CSR is an institutional culture that must be adapted to evolve according to the different needs that arise over time.

Resources used by CSR management system must be balanced as they change constantly according to the needs of the process that, in turn, are based on the requirements of the business environment. Hence its dynamics.

CSR includes all Business Process frameworks (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EFQM, GRI, SA 8000, etc.) required by the Organization.

THINK&SELL combines the diverse views of its consultants by integrating professionals with different profiles and experience in economics, marketing, environment, legislation, society, communication, technology and others.

THINK&SELL helps organizations in these aspects among others:

  • Establishment of CSR policies, strategies and objectives.
  • Definition of your own CSR model.
  • Organization Governance.
  • Diagnosis of the current situation regarding CSR.
  • Risk Map.
  • Sustainability Plan.
  • Human Rights.

THINK&SELL collaborates with organizations in the complete project of management system for CSR, in the involvement of specific issues within the core subjects defined and identified in ISO 26000 and others that the customer considers of his own interest.