Systems & Software

Software and systems based on software are a key point to meet an increasing demand of industrial, administrative, commercial, military, medical, transport services and bank applications and so on.

Software and systems world of keyboard letters and toys with pc's

The management and improvement of all this applications are essential elements that serve to assure and guarantee the performance and requirements established by markets or specific customers in order to meet or even overcome business needs, expectations and goals.

Professionals from THINK&SELL can help your company in the following management and improvement of software and systems services:

Standardized Management Systems: We help you to establish and continuously improve all your process, especially in the area of information technologies.

Integrated Management Systems: We provide a global service for any potential need concerning integration of management systems already in place or in process of implementation of one or some of them, or services to solve specific needs of smaller scope.

Process Improvement: CMMI and SPICE: We provide a differentiate value to our customers, helping them with customized practical solutions, from level 2 to level 5 of maturity.

Internal & Certification Audits: We perform internal audits to monitor and improve systems and provide auditors for its certification.

Project Assessments and Managemet: We help you to manage your projects risks, to evaluate projects in progress or completed and to monitor and control projects.

THINK&SELL helps you to establish your management systems as well as your evaluation and improvement process through customized solutions based on the best practices and criteria, both validated by the industry and different experiences with our customers.