Customer Loyalty

Each sale is the prologue to the next

Loyalty is not achieved through promotions, discounts, cards and clubs. At THINK&SELL we understand loyalty as the result of a systematic process of building the purchasing preference of person for a specific brand.

As markets become saturated with brands that offer similar products and services, organizations can not be solely based on their frequent loyalty programs focused on canned formulas geared to offers, promotions and discounts that can be easily imitated and usually of low value for the customer. Instead, organizations must begin connecting with their customers by providing experiences that make them feel better and generate strong emotional bonds with them.

The experiences designed by a brand for its customers are the cornerstone of a good loyalty program. The three main reasons why a customer leaves a brand are caused by bad experiences with it: an unpleasant interaction with an employee, an unexpected charge, or poor product quality or service received.

The loyalty is directly related to customer service. A quality service produces satisfaction. Satisfied customers last longer, buy more, offer ideas to improve and generate positive feedback and recommendations online and offline. These actions attract more customers to the brand at no cost. A loyalty program strategically designed determines the value of relationships with different customer segments and provides the basis for linking the improvements in brand loyalty with business results.

Some benefits of a loyalty program designed by THINK&SELL:

  • Cost reduction: If we compare two organizations with the same growth rate, an organization with high levels of loyalty must attain fewer customers, because it loses fewer customers. Also, thanks to the recommendations, it costs less to acquire new customers.
  • Identification and conservation of the most profitable customers.
  • Increased of customer satisfaction.
  • Generation of brand evangelists.
  • Increase of sales volumes.
  • Talent attraction for organization development.
  • Improvement of financial performance and increase shareholder value.

Depending on the objectives that define your organization, THINK&SELL helps you design, develop and implement effective loyalty programs through innovative and creative strategies that improve customer relationships and are very difficult to imitate by competitors.