Brand Architecture

Every organization needs to create a framework to manage its brands. It is known as brand architecture. This architecture must be clear, easily understandable, consistent and coherent with the organization’s values and positioning.

Brand Architecture

As organizations grow, relationships between corporate brand and sub brands become more complex and may generate confusion problems among people involved with the brand, complicating operations management and marketing plans, and diluting brand differentiation and positioning. Brand architecture involves the strategy between different brands and sub brands of the organization.

THINK&SELL helps you define the best hierarchical structure for your brand, being consistent and coherent with your organization branding strategy. Correctly define a brand architecture is essential in situations such as a mergers, brand extensions, new acquisitions, new product or services lines, new markets entries, etc.

For each brand architecture project that we do, we form a multidisciplinary team that ensures versatility and diversity for design approaches and evaluation metrics, necessary for a successful implementation.

We help you identify which structure is the best to meet your goals, whether to develop a corporate approach, follow a brand that supports sub brands, or implement a brand system. Each of these approaches determines the decisions on the organization structure, its business model, design of the brand identity, nomenclature of its products and services, tone of its communications, etc.

THINK&SELL helps you identify, define, develop and implement the appropriate brand architecture to competitively manage your organization.