A brand is much more than a logo. It is a universe of feelings.

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In a society where organizations are each time more similar; where the vast range of products and services overwhelms customers and makes more difficult to choose; where emotional factors influent more than rational factors in the purchase decision; in this society, branding is the essential integrating tool to make efficient analytic, strategic, production, marketing, innovation and communication efforts that organizations realize.

At THINK&SELL we help our customers to update their brands, create new brands, develop their positioning to ensure relevance and differentiation, and forge strong emotional connections with their customers in order to generate sustainable and profitable organic growth.

The Spanish Association of Branding Companies (Asociación Española de Empresas de Branding. AEBRAND) defines branding as “Branding is the intelligent, strategic and creative management of all those distinguishing elements of a brand identity (tangible or intangible) that contribute to construct a promise and a distinctive, relevant, comprehensive and sustainable brand experience over time”.

At THINK&SELL, we create, improve and manage brands. We develop and implement branding strategies and then, evaluate their current and potential performance. We can focus on specific projects, or develop complete branding programs from scratch.

Our branding services cover all areas and stages concerning the creation and construction of a brand:

Brand and positioning audit: We identify how your brand is perceived and help you to successfully position it on people minds.

Naming: We help your company to identify, develop and implement a name that successfully gathers your corporative strategy.

Brand architecture: We help you to create the appropriate structure to competitively manage your brand portfolio.

Rebranding: We help you to update or reinvent your brand to keep its space in people minds, or to occupy another relevant place when it is convenient.

Place branding: We help you to compete against other places to attract tourism, investment, new business, talent… through the creation of place brand that creates prosperity.

Digital Branding: We help yor company to develop its brand presence in the digital environment in a consistent and coherent way, taking advantage of interaction activities between different platforms and generating better brand experiences for your customers.

Social Media Branding: We help you to identify, select and integrate social networks with a higher value for your company in your marketing and communication strategy.

THINK&SELL helps you build strong emotional connections with your customers through consistent and coherent branding solutions according to your corporative strategy, to create new opportunities, improve people experience, multiply the brand value and increase the return on investment.

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