Customer Experience

A well-designed experience begins before the purchase, grows during its process and lasts until the next one.

experiencia de cliente

The customer experience is a multidimensional and interactive process between a brand and a person. It is developed through touch points that link them, both those under the organization control and those without it. It includes all stages that occur during the process, from brand recognition to its recommendation, including its purchase and usage. At THINK&SELL we believe that the aim of defining the customer experience must go beyond mere customer satisfaction and must contribute to build a base of supporters and active promoters of the brand.

Exceptional experiences produce extraordinary results. Regardless of the sector they belong to, organizations that provide better experience to its customers share at least one characteristic in common: many and growing engaged customer groups that voluntary promote their brands. This means that a well-designed experience adds value, makes a difference and is a source of competitive advantage.

Currently, it is not enough to meet customers’ needs and expectations, we must overcome them. People do not just move because of low prices, premium brands, or convenience. They seek unique and inspiring experiences that make them feel better.

The shift in the touch points that are more influential on the purchasing decision process and the strategic use of new technologies and media have a critical role in differentiating your brand from its competitors, to compose a superior customer experience and be the brand of choice at the decisive moment: the purchase.

The customer experience is a critical strategic process, not to be reduced to tactical actions as events, street marketing, ambient marketing, or merchandising. They may help to generate notoriety and engagement but they must be integrated into a coherent and consistent strategic that brings together all contact points with corporate, marketing and branding organization’s objectives.

A differentiated, profitable and sustainable customer experience must be based on three key pillars:

  • Design of the right experience to the right customers.
  • Generation of added value differentiated by customer type in each touch point.
  • Efficiency: development of organizational capabilities needed to overcome customer expectations continually.

At  THINK&SELL we help your company to identify and select key interaction points between your different customer segments and your organization. We design, develop, integrate and implement a strategic customer experience plan, customized to your organization needs and your customers’ expectations.