Customer insights & Segmentation

Who are your customers? Why do they choose your brand? How could you serve them better? What other products or services would they buy if they were backed by your brand?

Insights Segmentation

THINK&SELL helps your company to understand in detail the characteristics of your customers by integrating rigorous and advanced quantitative techniques of customer intelligence into customized qualitative techniques.

But do not forget the physical world, as we consider essential to integrate the knowledge gained online into the real interaction between people in different environments. We go beyond the traditional focus groups and we design exercises of deep immersion, and design thinking research to achieve a much more specific, reliable and dynamic knowledge of needs, motivations, attitudes and values of people in different contexts and cultures.

Instead of the classic interviews, we accompany different customer profiles to the purchase process (shop-along) in order to observe and evaluate in situ their buying behavior, avoiding the difficult and imprecise exercise of explaining in words what do they do and when do they buy.

Our professionals will guide you through the complex process of deciphering who is buying what, why buying it, how buying it, where buying it and when buying it. In this way, you will get (among other things):

  • To generate the needed elements to fully understand your customers.
  • To segment your customers according to the relevant variables more suitable to your organization offer.
  • To interpret their different behavior patterns.
  • To establish predictive models that transform the gained knowledge into better and more profitable products and services.
  • To allocate resources more efficiently to those activities that provide greater value to each of its segments.

THINK&SELL offers your company the opportunity to generate a competitive advantage ensuring that your strategic marketing decisions are based on complete knowledge of the changing needs, motivations, attitudes and values of your customers.