Environmental Risk Management

The purpose of risk management is to increase organizations capability to achieve objectives and help manage threats, adverse situations and take advantage of any opportunity that make increase that capability. The opportunities are identified through environmental aspects.

Environmental Risks Management is a set of activities aiming to supervise and control an organization regarding environmental risk.

Environmental risk is the result of a function that links the probability of occurrence of a damage, or accident in a given scenario and the negative consequences on the natural, human and socioeconomic environment. Risk is formulated as a function:

Risk = ƒ (probability or frequency, consequences)

Environmental Risk Management represents for companies another effort in addition to the implementation of its Environmental management System. Therefore, they expect to justify their investment making decisions based on probabilistic data, environmental damage prevention, reduction of prevention costs, market confidence increase, improvement of social image organization, compliance with applicable regulations and better understanding of organization’s behavior.

THINK&SELL helps your company interpret and apply the general principles of the Environmental Risk Management, and define and implement a system to improve your decision making regarding your processes, practices and tasks that may impact on the environment.