Process Improvement: CMMI & SPICE

In industry, there is a universally accepted principle that infers that the quality of products and services and their improvement depends on the quality and improvement of the processes that perform them. In Software industry and systems, this principle is equally valid and accepted and is adapted in frameworks for the implementation and evaluation processes.

The software and software-based systems are playing an exceptional role on the development of societies and their quality of life. At THINK&SELL we are aware of that impact and understands that its current use and future development are strongly influenced by engineering and management of all processes that affect them:

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Management and support of Process and projects and its continuous improvement

THINK&SELL provides a differentiated value to customers, helping them with practical solutions to measure and not with conventional solution packages, depending on their specific needs and goals. This is possible only with the experience and knowledge acquired by our consultants that have an average of more than 20 years developing and improving software and systems. This enables THINK&SELL to offer the best policies and guidance to customers.


CMMI is a process improvement framework in the field of software and systems that currently has three models of application:

  • CMMI for development.
  • CMMI for services.
  • CMMI for acquisitions.

These models, known as CMMI constellations, are sets of best practices that have been consolidated in industry and services since it was made public and applicable on the first maturity model published in 1993. Currently, they are implemented in thousands of international organizations both public and private, with a wide range of sizes and types of products and services application.

Each model is defined by different categories of process area and each of them described in terms of specific and generic practices. They have to be implemented to achieve the goals set for each process area.

The Assessment of compliance of implementations is supported by two documents:

  • ARC: Appraisal Requirements for CMMI.
  • SCAMPI : Method Description Document.

THINK&SELL provides the following services:

  • Consultancy Service for setting strategy and implementation plans of the areas of process by maturity levels or specific processes.
  • Evaluation Services according to SCAMPI, class A, B or C

At THINK&SELL we have experience in implementing and evaluating maturity levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. In Spain, there are very few consultants with real expertise in the levels N4 and N5.

At THINK&SELL we help you with:

  • The transfer of practical knowledge and criteria endorsed by the experience.
  • Commitment and adherence to the real customers’ needs.
  • The flexibility of working with teams from different professional cultures.
  • Professional ethics integrated into all facets of the activities and relations.


SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) is the name adopted by the series of international standards ISO / IEC 15504. This standard is a model for the evaluation of the processes. This standard has some precedents in other models of reference defined in the same international standards ISO for IT containing detailed descriptions of the processes, being the basis for collecting evidence for assessment.

ISO / IEC 15504 evolves over time and consists of the following parts:

  • ISO/IEC 15504-1: 2004 definition of concepts and technology.
  • ISO/IEC 15504-2: 2003 definition of evaluation requirements and reference models of processes and evaluation.
  • ISO/IEC 15504-3: 2004 Guide for Evaluation.
  • ISO/IEC 15504-4: 2004 Guide for results application to improve process.
  • ISO/IEC 15504-5: 2008 Defines an example of model for software process assessment
  • ISO/IEC 15504-6: 2008 Defines an example of process evaluation model for systems.
  • ISO/IEC 15504-7: 2008 Defines levels of maturity and its assessment

Processes for implementation mentioned in ISO / IEC 15504 for software are defined in ISO / IEC 12207:2008 Software Life Cycle Processes, and for systems in ISO / IEC 15288 Process Life Cycle Systems.

THINK&SELL provides the following services in the field of SPICE:

  • Consulting services for  setting a strategy and an implementation plan of the processes by capacity      levels.
  • Assessment service of  capacity levels.
  • Training Service for ISO/ IEC 15504, 12207 and 15288

At THINK&SELL we have consultants and associates that, apart from their experience, have contributed from its origins to the development and evolution of the three standards mentioned. They have translated the Spanish versions of the last two rules.

At THINK&SELL we have experience in helping customers in the military and aerospace industry in implementing the mentioned standards and its evaluation.