Environmental Managemet Systems

Environmental management is the process that studies the environment and the impact due to organization activities, and develops a system to monitor and improve its environmental performance, in order to satisfy laws, regulations, and company, customers and society needs.

Traditional economy seeks to maximize profits having little or no understanding of the term ‘environment’, being the main cause of disagreement between the organizations and the environment. Fortunately, in a few years, the increasing knowledge about environment, its behavior and its evolution and the importance of the deterioration perceived by society in general have generated answers from governments. They have issued laws and regulations to control emissions, waste and other aspects, and, thanks to social pressure from consumers and other groups, they have encouraged organizations to be more sensitive to the environment and to do something to control, prevent impacts and continually improve environmental performance.

Nowadays, environment is part of strategic and beneficial measures of some organizations and other affected parties. The fundamental objective of any organization is the eco-efficiency in terms of resource consumption, service, renewability and mobility, in order to achieve a desirable environment, economically viable and socially acceptable and accepted.

At THINK&SELL we collaborate with your team to design, implement, evaluate and improve an Environmental Management System (EMS) concerning the international standard ISO 14001, or Regulation 761/2001 (EMAS).

The EMSs arise from several factors that have prompted public and private organizations of any size and activity type, to meet demands beyond compliance with environmental legislation. These demands come not only from society in general but also from customers, shareholders and markets.

An EMS helps to improve not just issues concerning various types of environmental impact (water, atmosphere and soil pollution; management of waste and energy resources or any other kind of resources). It also helps to achieve an economy improvement that affects the organization itself as well as to reduce community costs resulting from:

  • Its good environmental performance in terms of waste reduction, and therefore its transport and treatment.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases and thus, reduction of purchase costs to compensate CO2.
  • Reduction of surface and ground water pollution, and thereby reducing regeneration costs for human, animal and plant use.

Many organizations have undertaken with society to continuously improve environment, adding to its overall management system an EMS that defines its environmental policies and objectives, organization and responsibilities, as well as resources and processes to achieve these objectives.

THINK&SELL provides its experience in different activity sectors helping your company to design and implement your EMS, including training and communication, audits, continuous improvement plans and integration into other management systems. Thereby, we help to improve your image and reputation, your environmental performance, your compliance with laws and your economic management efficiency.