Marketing Audit

Are you spending your marketing budget as effectively as possible? Are your online channels properly integrated with your offline channels? Are you trying to get loyalty from the right customers? Those are just some of the various questions that a well-done marketing audit answers.

THINK&SELL systematically and thoroughly analyzes your business marketing environment independently and periodically, according to your objectives, strategies and activities.

Through the marketing audit we get an overview of how your organization is working on marketing. We identify problems and opportunities, and we devised action plans in the short, medium and long term to fix bugs and exploit opportunities.

The marketing audit examines in depth the six main factors that influence your organization’s marketing:

  • Marketing environment audit
  • Marketing strategy audit
  • Marketing organization audit
  • Marketing systems audit
  • Marketing productivity audit
  • Marketing functions audit

When performing a marketing audit with THINK&SELL, our professionals help you to better allocate marketing resources in order to increase ROI and improve customer relationships.