Environmental Management

In times of crisis, the best organizations profit from the opportunities presented by new challenges in order to be prepared to improve competitiveness by implementing an integration strategy for Environmental management into its overall management.

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Nowadays, Environmental management is a strategic opportunity for those organizations who have not implemented it yet. It has a special contribution to their competitiveness. We have to consider involved issues such as costs decrease when using productive resources, commitment to legislative compliance or implement plans to reduce waste, water, soil and air pollution and other activities which results make an impact on social benefits and on the organizations themselves.By reducing costs and improving production processes, it results in a direct contribution to improve products, services and corporate image and reputation that makes easier your sustainability. Therefore, your business and your client portfolio are also developed.

At THINK&SELL we can help your company in the following Environmental management services:

Environmental management Systems: We collaborate with your team to design, implement, evaluate and improve your Environmental management System (EMS) concerning the international standard ISO 14001, or Regulation 761/2001 (EMAS.)

Greenhouse Gases Management: we help you to define and implement a process to evaluate the Greenhouse Gases resulting from your business activities, and implement it to meet contractual requirements for emissions, to elaborate emissions reports for its verification, and emissions compensation and trading.

Environmental Risk Management: We help you interpret and apply the general principles of the Environmental Risk Management, and define and implement a system to improve your decision making regarding your processes, practices and tasks that may impact on the environment.

Environmental Communication: Our Environment technical experts and Corporate Communications experts put together their experience and knowledge to help formulate your policy and environmental communication strategy, to implement activities and to improve them.