Digital Marketing, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Only understanding how people operate on the digital ecosystem, we will be able to turn them into valuable customers for our brands.

At THINK&SELL we understand Marketing Online as the efficient integration of seven channels:

Organic positioning in search engines (Search Engine Optimization-SEO), whose objective is to get the client’s website appears among the top results (not always possible to reach top position in markets with high competition) for the chosen keywords through actions that optimize website’s architecture and design (On Site SEO) and actions in its environment (Off-Site SEO).

Pay positioning in search engines (Adwords), whose goal is the same as SEO, but trying to reach top positions in search results through sponsored links, ie, pay per click (PPC). Initially it is usual to combine SEO and Adwords to reach top positions in what is known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Display advertising, which represents a great quantity of the opportunities offered  by the internet to communicate your products and / or services in a graphical or audio way through different ad formats like banners, skyscrapers, videos… in high-traffic sites.

Retargeting, a technique where you can reconnect with the people who showed interest in any of your products or services –but did not purchase them- using advertising spaces on other websites for those who continue browsing. Thanks to this, advertising is aimed to people who have an interest in your brand, maximizing the chances of conversion and ROI.

Newsletter / e-mailing, it consists in sending in a segmented and customized way informative or commercial messages to many people via email. Using opt-in policy and properly planning messages’ frequency, it is a key tool in branding to maintain its positioning.

Affiliate programs, which allow any company, regardless size and resources, to advertise on many websites, and reach a great number of potential customers. That’s performance marketing: advertisers pay to members according to their objectives: new referrals users, records, or referred sales. The advertisements are deployed on professional networks who have thousands of supports and affiliate sites, where advertisers are advertised, allowing to generate benefits for members depending on campaign effectiveness.

Social Media, where what is said about your brand matters more than what your advertising says. Social media have gone from being a mere entertainment to become an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of all organizations that are thriving today.

At THINK&SELL we study your organization’s market and objectives, and create, develop and implement tailored online marketing plans or specific actions plans, integrating them into existing online and offline plans. We do care about your brand and your business reputation, optimizing your marketing budget to achieve maximum ROI.