Brand & Positioning Audit

How do your customers see your brand? Does the perception of your organization fit on how it should be perceived?

At THINK&SELL we consider that a brand is the combination of all the feelings, perceptions and experiences a person has as a result of the contact with an organization and its products and services. This means that an organization’s brand resides in the mind of consumers. Therefore, its success or failure depends on its position in the target audience’s mind.

Your company’s brand success is based on the relationships established with your customers. Memories, feelings, emotions and experiences that your brand stimulate in each situation, determine the attributes that it is associated with.

Brand positioning consists on making a correspondence between the attributes that your brand is recognized by the audience and the strategically chosen attributes selected by the organization.

We audit your brand through a rigorous process of identifying, understanding and evaluating the touchpoints that connect your brand with your customers throughout the purchase decision process.

We help your brand to appear on the set of brands that make part of the initial purchase consideration, to be positively received during the evaluation process, to excel in the point of sale and to generate loyalty after purchasing.

We deploy our own qualitative tools to identify, select and develop your brand’s emotional territory, and statistical techniques such as conjoint analysis to measure the relative value of each associated attribute to your brand, and determine which attributes combination maximizes the probability of your brand to be finally chosen by your target audience.

THINK&SELL helps you to position your brand in the people’s minds in a consistent and coherent way, according to its corporate values. We also help you to make your brand stand out from the competition and greatly increase the chances of being chosen.