Sustainability Reports

Organizations that have prepared or want to prepare sustainability reports indicate that the main justification to create the first report and continue doing it is the need to communicate with society in general and with specific interest groups.

In this communication it is necessary:

  • Show your commitment and openness.
  • Demonstrate your ability to participate in competitive markets.
  • Plan your activities, be more sustainable and position your organization.
  • Meet standards.

Showing commitment, transparency and accountability are the objectives of sustainability reports against different parties (shareholders, customers, employees, government, public, etc.).

Sustainability Report or Social Responsibility Report is an instrument to communicate the results of an organizational responsible management. We follow the international agreement known as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) to draw it up. This report provides the information considered as acceptable from sustainability reports to create conditions for transparent and reliable exchange of information through continuous improvement of the reports.

Sustainability Reports benefit organizations of any size and sector in aspects as:

  • Facilitate decision making based on data systematically collected, structured and analyzed.
  • Obtain a mean of communication to facilitate management transparency and therefore greater confidence and credibility with all your environment components.
  • Expand business opportunities
  • Improve confidence from investors, customers and other interest groups.
  • Improve image inside and outside the organization and therefore increase brand value.

THINK&SELL helps you in communication and documentation related to organization’s activities and results in a period of time, typically 1 or 2 years. In matters of social responsibility, they are documented in reports that integrate environmental, economic and social aspects, allowing, among other things, evaluate efforts and results obtained in that period. Therefore, it is possible to obtain information of indicator trends with core subjects and writings of Social Responsibility.

THINK&SELL provides support services to draw up Sustainability Reports.

THINK&SELL helps customers to define the strategy of preparing the report, its design, development of the social, environmental and economic indicator system, where GRI standard is the reference.

THINK&SELL has a group of specialists in economic, social, environmental and matters and good communicators with knowledge and experience preparing reports to serve organizations in different purposes that communicates:

  • Strategy, objectives and commitments.
  • Indicators results.
  • Progress degree or performance against objectives.

Given organizational structures, coordination and internal communication channels, as well as their own cultures and sectors, among other factors, it is necessary to establish a customized process, not a ‘canned’ process.

At THINK&SELL we study alternative processes to select one that offers features that enable high-quality information in terms of data reliability, consistency, completeness, correctness, clarity, verifiability.

At THINK&SELL we orient our support service to obtain value in the development process in the following areas:

  • Vision, strategy and objectives development.
  • Improvement of management systems, internal processes and diagnosis of current status of the Organization on CSR.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make internal marketing to generate expectations and adherence to the activities of CSR report.
  • Facilitate interdepartmental relations.
  • Encouraging awareness of Senior Management.
  • Demonstration of commitment to sustainability.
  • Facilitate comparison between organizations of interest and the organization.