What will ever become of your brand without advertising? How many of your favorite brands succeed without advertising? We shouldn’t let ourselves be deceived, although many proclaim its decline, advertising remains unquestionably valid: almost no brand can thrive without its support.

At THINK&SELL we think that brands must hold human qualities and convey emotional values. We understand that an organization’s communication, marketing and branding should be based on cultural relevance, and should emotionally connect people with your brand, not on a barrage of advertising. We believe that the right way to design campaigns is to display advertising strategically integrated in a communication plan, so that it fits in those touchpoints where its influence is really high.

THINK&SELL designs adaptable advertisements and contents to formats and supports, that best suit to your needs and communication objectives, adapting ourselves to times and tight budgets, with the backing of a professional partners team who have worked on several major advertising agencies and international branding consultants as Y&R, Ogilvy, JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Saffron, McCann…

Our advertising services include:

  • Commercials for TV and the internet, infomercials and corporate videos.
  • Graphic Advertising (complete campaigns or individual parts).
  • Interactive banners
  • Promotional material.
  • POS marketing/advertising
  • Design of environments to improve customer experience

In all services we include ROI measurement and analysis based on the proposed sales targets.

At THINK&SELL we conceive advertising as an attempt to sell, promote or publicize products or services through campaigns more or less shocking or emotional. They must be part of an integrated communication strategy designed to generate a ‘love at first sight’ between a brand and people that once started is almost impossible to break.