Web Analytics

The online universe offers you the more precise and innovative analytical tools that exist to attain in-depth customer insights. Who they are (gender, age, incomes, place of residence …), what are they looking for, how are they looking for, when do they look for it, how often, how long it takes until they decide to buy and so on.

THINK&SELL helps you to properly define your online goals, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) for your organization. We collect, measure, evaluate and interpret the online behavior patterns of your current and potential customers, to help optimize decisions and improve business outcomes.

We outline customer profiles based on the traces they leave on your website each time they visit it, and build predictive behavior models aiming to optimize sales.

THINK&SELL implements web analytics systems that will help,-among other things- to:

  • Know in real time what is happening on your website.
  • Optimize conversion rates.
  • Increase sales
  • Know the ROI of your online campaigns.
  • Get to Know where the most profitable customers come from and how they behave
  • Segment your customers through the most appropriate variables to your business.
  • Nimbly adapt your supply to changes in demand and optimize your catalogs.
  • Forsee trends.
  • Discover abandonment causes of your website.
  • Integrate online and offline channels.
  • Define with accuracy what prices optimize sales.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.