Search engine positioning consists in optimizing your website, generating content and the payment of relevant links to your site, aiming to appear in Google’s top results when someone searches for your products and / or services.

THINK&SELL assesses your site (structure, hierarchy, titles, tags, images …) and optimized it. Once the website is optimized, we generate content and collect relevant and qualified links to make your site reach top positions on search engines.

Sometimes, especially when starting an online business, organic positioning or SEO is not enough, since it is a continuous improvement work that pays off in the medium and long run. It is necessary to develop a search engine marketing strategy, or SEM, that includes sponsored links on Google, generated through its Adwords tool as part of the online marketing plan.

Our professionals help you creating Adwords campaigns, analyzing your competitors and identifying the relevant elements that differentiate the products or services that you are going to sell. We segment your market, we group the keywords that best define you, we create optimized messages by groups of words and landing pages, and evaluate each action to achieve your goals with maximum profitability.

THINK&SELL helps you to competitively position your website, synergistically integrating the best SEO practices (we do not use techniques that may be penalized) and the most efficient SEM campaigns into your online marketing plan.