Mobile Marketing

We are entering the post-PC era. Computers as internet access platforms are being superseded by mobile devices. This fact represents new opportunities for organizations that are able to offer better brand experiences for their customers.

If there is a device that will stand out in the future as a platform to communicate with your customers, that is the smartphone. It goes with us wherever we go. We use it intensively for more things than just talking: we listen to music, play, chat, take photographs, update our social profiles, read and answer emails, search information…

Mobile platforms for personal communication, either smartphones or tablets, will represent the highest percentage of internet access by 2020, relegating PC platforms to a second place.

At THINK&SELL we consider the changes in communication plans that will involve a mass adoption of the use of smartphones. We help you adapt and integrat the platform with greater prospects for growth into your marketing and communication strategies through services such as:

  • Adapting websites to mobile portals compatible with any device on the market.
  • Mobile advertising.
  • Mobile SEO/SEM.
  • Applications and games (Gamification).
  • Brand portals.
  • Minisites.
  • Location-based services.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Mobile integration with offline and online strategy.
  • Mobile ROI (measurement and analysis of each action performance).

At THINK&SELL we help you develop efficient mobile marketing strategies and perform integral mobile campaigns: design, creation, planning, launching, evaluation and tracking.